Keeping up with the bust (and boom) in US onshore

Source & KPI’s

I make it my mission to find quality sources of information when I am studying a particular subject.  Keeping up with the boom-bust cycle of US onshore means finding reliable quality sources of information.  In addition, finding those key indicators that convey the most clear sense of what is going on is key, too.

US onshore regions covered by the Drilling Productivity Report (source: EIA)

Production & Location

Perhaps the best indicator of US onshore activity is production data, and one excellent source for US onshore production data is the EIA’s monthly Drilling Productivity Report.  The report covers several major oil and gas producing regions, and is a bit esoteric in that it attempts to forecast the following months production volume for both oil and gas.  However, it does include historical production data and other metrics such as “new-well production per rig”.

EIA Drilling Productivity Website

EIA Drilling Productivity Full Report

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