How I Google

Simple subject, right?

This may seem like a juvenile topic, however, I continue to see people who (I believe) are not leveraging Google to its fullest extent.  There is more to searching the World Wide Web than just entering basic search terms.  Believe it or not, there are people who research how people use Google – the anthropology of online searching.

Here is a general overview of how I go about googling:

General Strategy

  1. Utilize context clues from your initial search in subsequent searches.
  2. Utilize filters to make your search more specific and to exclude unwanted material (see Web Search Filters below).
  3. Utilize keyboard shortcuts to cut down on time – which I equate to using a power screwdriver versus a regular screwdriver (see Browser Shortcuts below).
  4. Bookmark frequently visited sites and utilize them in your web filters.
  5. Tab management: save and close to read another day; control your number of opened tabs by prioritizing and bookmarking for later reference.

Web Search Filters

Search Filter Search Example
Specific Terms “hydraulic fracturing”
Exclude Terms “hydraulic fracturing” -fracking
Specific Domain “hydraulic fracturing” -fracking
Exclude Domain “hydraulic fracturing” -fracking
Specific File Format “hydraulic fracturing” -fracking filetype:pdf

Browser Shortcuts

Keyboard Shortcut Action
Ctrl + L Puts focus on the “omnibar”
Ctrl + F Text search in HTML, PDF, PPT, or other document
Ctrl + T Open new tab
Ctrl + W Close current tab
Ctrl + Tab Move one tab to the right
Ctrl + Shift + Tab Move one tab to the Left
Alt + Right/Left Arrow Go Forward/Back one page (GREAT FOR LAPTOPS)

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